The Geography of Class Struggle

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Fri Jul 7 13:11:58 MDT 1995

I've been out of the loop for sometime.  Bryan's message however reminded
me of Eric Wolf's excellent _Peasant Wars of the Twentieth Century_ which
if nothing else suggests the absolutely central historical role played by
rural areas (or rather by certain among their inhabitants) in 20th c.
revolutionary movements (for those who don't know the book:  it covers
mexico, russia, china, algeria, cuba, and vietnam).  ciao, sc

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On Fri, 7 Jul 1995, Bryan A. Alexander wrote:

> This fascinating post (no need to reprint it here) has a few implications
> worth talking about:
> 	-the militia movements are largely rural.  First, does this argue
> for a greater role for the rural sector than being subordinate to the
> suburbs?  Second, can we work with, say, Raymond Williams' opposition of
> city and country on this vein?
> 	-so the suburbs (and rural areas) are strongly antistatist - does
> this argue for a pro-statist ethos for the urbs?  This recalls (for me)
> Marx's works on the Commune...
> 	-along these lines, can we consider the suburban and rural
> sectors of reaction to also be strongly decentrist?
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