geography of middle classes

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Fri Jul 7 14:05:46 MDT 1995

> I don't want to bore people with stats on wealth distribution, but it's a
> pretty small segment of US society that fits this bill. Tight money is hell
> on real estate, and that's where most middle class savers have the bulk of
> their assets (i.e. own their house) - and there are an awful lot of people
> who owe big mortgages on these assets. Only about the top 10% have a
> respectable wad of financial assets, and really only the top 2% have
> appreciable wads. When people say things like this, you almost suspect that
> they're revealing more about their own solvency & peers than they are about
> society.

Doug, at the risk of boring people, could you please tell us what the
dollar amounts are for a "respectable wad of financial assets" vs.
"appreciable wads"?

Also, do you know the rate of savings of disposable personal income by
different income segments of the US population?

BTW, it's very helpful for the list, IMO, to have a person such as yourself
who can give quick answers to statistical and empirical questions.
Thanks so much.

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