The Geography of Class Struggle

Scott Marshall Scott at
Fri Jul 7 15:48:19 MDT 1995

>It will be impossible to discuss the _historical_ changes and evolution in
>the nature of class struggle is we insist that the world has stood still,
>that a model of the primacy of the industrial working class developed a
>century ago is still the only way to see the world...

In other words if we don't accept your model then you'll what... Where is
the majority of profit and wealth created now if not in the basic
manufactoring industry? What is the *main* source of surplus value? Is there
some other source of homes, factories, cars, electronics, computers, food
preperation, energy, transportation, tools, clothing, shoes, bridges,
highways, aircraft, furniture, paper, video and audio tape, fishing rods &
boats, books, beer, microfilm readers etc etc etc. Or are these things now
immortal and not consumed in their use. As far as I can tell these things
are still produced by workers. Technology has certainly meant it takes fewer
workers to produce the same things, but in marxist terms that makes those
fewer workers *even more* important in their relation to the means of
production. Their exploitation is greater and intensified by the technology.
Can you show us figures to prove that wealth and profits are derived
*mainly* from some other sector of the working class. Though size, in
relative and absolute numbers, is of some importance, it is hardly decisive
to the potential revolutionary role.

As to the labor movements last gasp having been the CIO days...phooey. Just
to name a couple, the labor movement was a key element in the civil rights
and peace movements. And they sure are the backbone of resistance today to
Gingrich and Company. And to paraphrase Gene Debs, a thousand times the 'new
left' pronounced labor dead and a thousand times labor rose out of the ashes
stronger than ever. Maybe you've been reading too much Toffler and Gingrich
- they too see a brave new world based on technology and 'new' classes,
probably centered in the suburbs outside of DC. And I do mean outside.

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