Louis P., Tim W. and Socialist Utopia

TimW333521 at aol.com TimW333521 at aol.com
Sat Jul 8 06:57:23 MDT 1995

I want to thank GLevy for his comments on Louis Proyect's accusations about
my adopting a "god that failed" view.  I particularly resent this as the FBI
has compiled over 8,000 pages of material in my file which certainly attest
to a very long history of socialist activism.  My father, now 91, lost his
job in the Government in the 1950s because of the witchhunt in that period.
 I remain totally dedicated to establishing a socialist society.  I am sure I
would agree with Louis in detail on his critique of American society.
 However, we do not necessarily agree on our vision of socialism.  Utopian
socialism is, after all, the subject of this thread (at least originally).

I have raised a theoretical issue: stated baldly a centralized party and
administration simply cannot be combined with a decentralized governmental
body (soviets) without power gravitating to the former and leaving the latter
an empty shell.
Right or wrong?

A decentralized government body and administration, however, is incapable of
defending the gains of the revolution from counterrevolution and
administering an industrialized economy and urbanized population?  Right or

We could reduce the size of the populatiom, disperse it into agricultural
communities, as per unobomber and "neo-Luddites", and on this more primitive
basis try out a communitarian society.  This would require us to dispose of
perhaps two billion people presently living on this earth.  A good or bad

Of we could develop a vision of a socialist society based on representative
democracy, combined with workers co-ops and management, some market economy,
 some bureaucracy, a civil society, multi-parties.  Utopia?  Certainly not!
 An improvement over what we got?  You better believe it!

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