Cuba and Socialist Utopia. What's the matter with the list-server?

Guillermo Cruces marx at
Fri Jul 7 11:21:49 MDT 1995

Hi! This is about the third time I'm sending this message, but on marxism
digest it doesn't appear. Is it my problem, or is it the listserver?
Sorry to post techmical questions here, but what is the difference between
marxism and marxism-digest (of course I'm talking about the lists!).

Guillermo wrote (3 July):
I'm sorry but I sent this message to the list, and I got it back with
a mailer DAEMON failure. May you have already received it, but I didn't.
When I read today topics, I can't beleive nobody answered to my post.
Does anybody want to discuss the actual utopia that 10 million cubans
are living today?

This is the message I got back:

 Louis Proyect, I think what you said about Cuba was just excellent.
 May be you have already discussed about Cuba, but if not, I would like to
 hear what you think about that (and specially what an American communist can
 Have you been in Cuba? I was there, and I think it's wonderful (yes, you can
 call me a Stalinist Castrist Maoist Infanto Leftist...). I'm not pretending
 it's perfect, I'm not pretending Castro was never wrong (not at all),
 and I'm not saying it's going to survive. But if you know any third-word
 country, and you go to Cuba, you may understand what I want to say.
 Why didn't Castro fall? Because of the police and the army, because he
 opresses people? Have you ever seen on CNN latin american cops beating
 I hope that you won't answer in a Mass Canossa way, like: in Cuba there are
 political prisonners, they don't vote, ... Cuba is not a LIBERAL country,
 and the States are (and I don't have many reasons for liking the United
 States of America, the land of freedom, the home of the brave).
 I would like to write a lot about what I saw in Cuba,
 but I prefer to hear from you talking about the most democratic country of
 Latin-America and Anglo-Saxon America.

 PS: Hope you understand my Castrist-English.

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