Nicaragua, socialism and Sandanistas

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On Fri, 7 Jul 1995, Andy Daitsman wrote:

> The way I understand it, the
> FSLN strategy for a transition to socialism was similar to that of the UP in
> Chile--leave the market economy in place, but seize control over the
> "commanding heights" of the economy.

	Considering the abysmal result of the above attempts at reaching
socialism thru 'gradual reform' of capitalism, it seems pretty reasonable
to suggest that the 'tercera' way will only be doomed to further failure
if attempted yet again. I can understand Castro's cautionings in the face
of 'actually existing' Sandinismo, but their abject failure (don't expect
the U.S. to allow the Sandinistas to EVER wield real power again) to stay
in power and protect the gains of the revolution seems to beg not a few

	It's been said that one of Ortega's cardinal errors was not to
openly and strategically ally the Sandinistas with the FMLN and URNG (and
prehaps South American groups -- a lot here to discuss, but not in this
post). The 'tercera' way, of course, would lead its proponents _naturally_
towards shying away from confronting the U.S. and even to trying to
appease them. Considering too how the U.S. has been able to isolate each
group and deal with it almost at its leisure, it would not be out of line
to think that the U.S.' job would've been MUCH more difficult if it'd had
to deal with a united coalition across an entire hemisphere.

	'Tercerism', seems to me, leads right into the dustbin of History,
and those here who are playing with such ideas (yet again) should take
note of its track record...


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