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DIa!?ayyyyyyyy	yyyyyyyyRyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyNDvalue and the latter part of the agency
of consumption.  The latter, regardless how enlightened, will never
develope a consciousness in solidarity with the former.  The ground
 reality of  his material circumstance is that he consumes without
producing, and  his existence is entirely dependent upon Massa's
ability to appropriate a share of the surplus production and consign
it to him.  He is one of the retainer caste which is employed in protecting,
augmenting, and helping Massa enjoy his wealth.  Having internalized
Massa's worldview  he is always hopelessly bourgeois,  even to
laying down his life or his sons' lives to preserve the Massa and
his White House.
     Contrariwise, Field Niggers always develope a culture of resistence.
Naturally the ruling class has taken care  that his unions
are emasculated, narrow interest at best, his civil rights jejune,
his pop culture moronic, etc., still there emerge popular
forms, like the militias and cults, which the official society attempts
to ignore,  but which give clear expression to revolutionary consciousness,
a powerful  urge to blow the whole phoney-baloney capitalist world
to smithereens.
     I still find these old formulations to be the most meaningful; the
 which moreover have been confirmed for me by a lifetimes' experience.
Steel workers, farmers, truck drivers, engineers,
accountants, clericals seem in my experience to be almost
universally possessed of a visceral loathing for the prevaling
dispensation, its leadership and minions; while business types,  legals,
 police/military, civil service, preachers/teachers...
are, as generally, boosters.


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