General Law of Capitalist Accumularion

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> Jerry are we reading the same statistics. The offical unemployment rate has
> gone up - when Humphry Hawkins was written 3% was considered full
> employment, now 6% is it. As to wages, in real constant dollars and in every
> other measure of standard of living, there are more poeple living in poverty
> now than there was 20 years ago. Marx indeed never said it would be constant
> straight line forever, that's silly, but the trend has reasserted itself
> ceratinly since the 1980's.

All that you have written above is essentially correct.
> And the reserve army is constantly growing - you should be able to see that
> by just examining the homeless or walking down most the designated streets
> inmost bigand mediaum size cities.

This is where we differ. The IRA is not "constantly growing."  It expands
and contracts alongside changes in the rate of accumulation (and is also
impacted by other variables). An examination of changes in the
unemployment rate (which , to be sure, measured imprecisely be
government statistics) will show this trend.



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