Louis P., Tim W. and Socialist Utopia

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Sun Jul 9 15:52:56 MDT 1995

Tim W. wrote:

  (4) the soviet structure, precisely because of its decentralization
> and directness, works Only when the decisions that matter can be made on a
> local basis.  In contemporary urbanized industrialized society the real
> decisions affecting people's lives need to be made nationally rather than
> locally.
> That fourth point leads back to my main thought: there is a contradiction
> between decentralized government and mass  industrialized society.  I believe
> one would need to get rid of the latter to make the former work.

What can't the real decisions be made locally?  Can't localities (e.g.
local workers' councils) help make national decisions?  You seem to
believe that the structure of "mass industrialized society" means that
"decentralized government" can't work unless "we get rid of"
industrialized society (a term, by the way, that could be interpreted to
mean different things).  Well, I've got news for you.  I am writing this
message to you on a product of industrialized society which could enhance
the communication among and input from local areas.  Ironic isn't it?

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