Cuba: the Ochoa affair; democracy

Guillermo Cruces marx at
Sat Jul 8 22:46:52 MDT 1995

About the Ochoa affaire:
I don't like any state killing people, but I think Ochoa was not murdered
because he was an opponent, but because he really was involved in a "drug"
affair. I think that may be Cuban government was so severe (specially
with an Angola and Revolution hero) because they wanted to show the world
(and the States) that they where NOT just another south american (or third
world) dictatorship supported by drug dealers.
In a world where we get news from CNN, it's difficult to really understand
what is happening in Cuba or with Mumia... That doesn't mean we have to
reject any bad new from Cuba (i.e., homosexual discrimination...), but
we have to read and re-read what we get.

Of course, I didn't mean that Cuba was an Utopia nor that it was a model
to be followed by EVERY revolutionnary party in the world. I just meant
it was a pretty good example that we CAN build something better than
capitalism (we can TRY it). I think that that is what enrages bourgeois


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