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On Sun, 9 Jul 1995, aniello margiotta wrote:

> >Does anybody want to discuss the actual utopia that 10 million cubans
> >are living today?
> >
> Guillermo ,yo creo que no estas nada de discutir sobra revolution cubana
> pero solamente
> de travajar por salvar el pueblo cubano de un futuro de esclavitud y
> sufrimiento como
> por todos otro pueblos de centro y sur America ; la suya esperanza de ganar
> es la notra; por la democratia: in cual pays americano el 95% de la
> poblacion vota libremente
> como in estos dias a Cuba ? Es la democratia deseada da Miami el medio por
> regresar a
> mandar como al tiempo de Batista?

	Even in the supposedly progressive left, there are numerous people
who buy-into the U.S./Miami Party Line that Cuba is a repressive
dictatorship. This is in GREAT part due to the failings of marxists to
overcome this onesidedness and DRILL home the point that one has only to
compare Cuba to ANY of its neighbors -- INCLUDING the U.S.A. -- to
realize that at BEST it's a case of the pot calling the kettle black...

	I think of the number of times people point out to me how tourist
beaches are closed to Cubans, at any price(?), and my mind immediately
comes to all the other beaches in the world where The Empire's privileged
citizens are waited-on, hand and foot, while the locals get to stare in
thru the chain-linked fence/security cordon....


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