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Mon Jul 10 08:10:40 MDT 1995

	I've just heard on CIUT FM89.5 in Toronto that Mumia abu-Jamal's
lynching can't legally be stopped now by the bastard Governor of
Pennsylvania, Tom Ridge, unless he is actually _requested_ to by the
Pennsylvania Board of Pardons.

	It is suggested that they be inundated by mail and faxes.

	The FAX number is:     (717) 772-3135

	Their snail-mail address is:

	Pennsylvania Board of Pardons
	333 Market St.,	1st Floor
	Harrisburg PA	17126-2596

	Governor Ridge's (latest) FAX(?) numbers (might be inaccurate):

	(800) 930-0784
	(717) 787-2800

	Mumia apparently(!) can recieve mail at:    mumia at


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