Stop Nuclear Tests !!

P8475423 at vmsuser.acsu.unsw.EDU.AU P8475423 at vmsuser.acsu.unsw.EDU.AU
Mon Jul 10 17:54:10 MDT 1995

I want to append my name to the above petition, and I imagine a
fair few more do on this list. But that means that it may have
to be "bounced" back to the list multiple times before it is
ready to send on to its originators. However, I can't work out
any other method; whoops, yes I can. Can people who would like to
have their names appended send ME a message at my own email
address (steve.keen at still works fine, I believe,
even though the listserver appends that weird one to my "from"
field) which has their name and details laid out in exactly
the format of the original document, to whit:

 1  SHIMIZU Seishi     Physics,University of Tokyo,Japan
 2  Yuichi Nishihara   Physics,University of Tokyo,Japan
 3  Hirohisa TANIGUCHI Physics,University of Tokyo,Japan
(MINUS the numbers; I'll use a spreadsheet to add them)

I'll then collate them all for members of the marxism list,
and then pass it on to the PKT list, to which I also

Steve Keen
PS This will take a few days--I'm going away for a conference
for a few days.

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