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Bryan A. Alexander bnalexan at umich.edu
Mon Jul 10 19:38:22 MDT 1995

In regards to Chomsky's theoretical weakness, a book on which he
collaborated with Michael Albert and others, LIBERATING THEORY, is awful.
It slams Marxism (especially) in favor of a wimpy, watered-down,
crypto-Newagey reformist sludge.  We couldn't tell how much Noam was in
the thing, but the collective intro claims everyone involved contributed
significantly (if they can be believed)...
	On the other hand, the *book* of MANUFACTURING CONSENT pays homage
to a series of anarchist thinkers; Chomsky has repeatedly referred to
himself as an anarchist (but NB: in his odd intro to Daniel Guerin's
ANARCHISM, Chomsky claims that all anarchists were/are socialists).  My
opinion: he likes these anarchists, admires their anti-authoritarianism,
but hasn't really worked with their considerable theoretical output.
	Last note: does anyone has (access to) a video copy of that
famous Foucault-Chomsky interview on Dutch TV?  The film (which is rather
dull, repetitive, and curiously uninformative in its full length)
features a few tantalizing seconds of it.

Bryan Alexander
Department of English
University of Michigan

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