Socialist Utopia

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Tue Jul 11 06:57:15 MDT 1995

I am afraid both the example of Chile and the example of the Turks during
 Byzantium make, in a way , my point.

Both are examples of pre-capitalist society, with loose community-based
structures, resisting a more structured, centralized and powerful urban
society.  This suggests, by analogy, a romantic notion of socialism as having
a PRE-capitalist rather than POST-capitalist structure.

And it is decidedly impractical.  We are talking about socialist revolution
in a modern urban society, which already has a centralized structure and
massive urban population.  You both seem to be suggesting an abandonment of
nine-tenths of the society to the counterrevolutionaries while the socialists
hole up in the hills and carry on  guerrilla warfare, perhaps like the
Chechens.  Not a very pretty picture of utopia!

-- Tim Wohlforth

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