Hip: Chomsky

Jeffrey Booth booth2 at husc.harvard.edu
Tue Jul 11 10:38:53 MDT 1995

	Re: Chomsky... I sat in on one of his political classes at MIT in
the early 80's and I've read a few of his books.  I've seenquite a few of
his public lectures since then.  He's a charming, hard-working person.
However, the way I see it he has no practical organizing experience
whatsoever.  He has no class analysis.  He knows next to nothing about
Unions.  His view of the Russian revolution sounds like he's been reading
a lot of Richard Pipes. And worst of all:  I don't think he radicalizes
most people-- I think he turns them off of left wing politics.  After
listening to him, I think many people think they have to read a million
books and become an intellectual to be effective.  And he encourages this
view.  I saw him on a little known t.v. talk show with Phil Donahue and
Victor Posner (!) and they asked him point blank:  "What should people
do?"  Chomsky gave a long pause and then said:  "Join your local political
	Whenever the "What Is To Be Done" question is put to him, he has
no real answer.  I've seen it happen many times.  So most people go away
from his long lectures feeling tired, not radicalized.  He confuses more
than clarifies.  His analysis is a cynical dead end.

				-- Jeff Booth

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