Depressions, mental and economic

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At 12:36 PM 7/11/95, Jim Jaszewski wrote:

>        And what ABOUT those 'statistics'?? Shouldn't we simply be calling
>our governments liars and dissemblers, and _consistently_ (and loudly)
>publish the REAL figures (accurate to the best of our abilities)??

Gosh, I have to do this about every 3 months it seems, but the statistics
are fine. All the numbers you could ever want to damn US capitalism are
published by the US government in great quantity. You have to know where to
find them and how to interpret them, but the numbers are there. Also, our
statistical agencies are a model of openness and professionalism; I talk
with the US dweebs a lot, and I've always found them honest and helpful.
Don't know about other countries' data agencies - I hear Britain is a
nightmare of incompetence and secrecy.



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