government statistics and Depressions

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Thank you Doug for pointing out some truth about US government
statistics.  As for where to look when one is in the library- half the
time the data that I want are in the annual Statistical Abstract of the
United States. I also find very useful the US government's monthly
publications Monthly Labor Review, Employment and Earnings and
Survey of Current Business.

Re damning data: The New YOrk Times quoted a report last month based on US
government reports (from the US Federal Reserve? ) demonstrating
increasing concentration of wealth.  Specifically, as a result of the
80's, by 1989, US concentration of wealth had recovered to pre -Great
Depression proprtions, so that the top 1% of households owned just under 40%
of the nation's wealth.
Does Doug- or anyone else- know what federal reserve publication this was?

> At 12:36 PM 7/11/95, Jim Jaszewski wrote:

> >        And what ABOUT those 'statistics'?? Shouldn't we simply be calling
> >our governments liars and dissemblers, and _consistently_ (and loudly)
> >publish the REAL figures (accurate to the best of our abilities)??

> Gosh, I have to do this about every 3 months it seems, but the statistics
> are fine. All the numbers you could ever want to damn US capitalism are
> published by the US government in great quantity. You have to know where to
> find them and how to interpret them, but the numbers are there. Also, our
> statistical agencies are a model of openness and professionalism; I talk
> with the US dweebs a lot, and I've always found them honest and helpful.
> Don't know about other countries' data agencies - I hear Britain is a
> nightmare of incompetence and secrecy.
> Doug
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