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On Sun, 9 Jul 1995, Chris Burford wrote:
> 2) I need you to be clearer about whether we have understood
> each other or not. I had written
> > In such discourse I think you are describing the social matrix, that
> > is the matrix of the society as a whole, and arguing that language is
> > a sub-set of that. If so I buy that argument.
> You appeared to be commenting on this when you wrote
> >>>
> What is imporant in a nut shell is that subjects
> do not exist in a social matrix, the social matrix (the already operable
> feild of social meaning, of signs) the feild of the other constitutes or
> produces subjects at its intercese.
> <<<<
I think is is important from a Marxist perspective to understand the
subject as a product of social relations. One falls into a false
consciousness/essentialism if one inverts this relation. I suspect you
may have done this without really taking much notice because it seems a
simple relation of equality:: subjects constitute the social and the
social is constituted by subjects. What is important it the question of
production and the status of the subject or subjectivity. When viewed
from this perspeictive, it is extreemly important to understand that the
subject has no prior existence to its social location. This gives us an
understanding of how the subject and the general "morphology" of
subjectivity is part of a system of ideology which operates for the
benefit of a ruling class, and an understand of the importance of
communicative acts in relation to the maintenance of control of society
on the lowest level subjective experience.

> I don't understand this and I don't know if my problem is with the ideas
> or whether there are one or more mistakes in the text, or
> whether you are being polite in the way you say you think I am wrong.
> Can you be clearer please?
> Sorry if I sound a bit desperate to understand you.
> Chris B.
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