Origins of Private Property -Reply

Tue Jul 11 17:38:57 MDT 1995

Reply to Carrol Cox, parts of his post appended below:
I did not intend to imply any self-consciousness of property claims.
I do claim that [consciously or not, or couched in any ideology] one
is not likely to exert effort to claim, define or defend the
'privateness' of something, unless there is some payoff for doing so.
 That doesn't mean one must speak or think of it in these terms.
Quite to the contrary, I find that the same kind of c/b logic makes
sense out of other species' behavior as well.


>>> Carrol Cox <cbcox at>  7/11/95, 04:10pm >>>
Lisa asks "Why or when or rather under what circumstances is it
worthwhile for someone to assert a private property claim?" This does
not seem to be a proper question, for it assumes that a "private
property claim" precedes the existence of private property, which is
absurd. ... that is the claims must have long preceded the
self-conscious making of the claims.
    Carrol Cox
    Illinois State Univ.

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