Nicaragua, socialism and Sandanistas

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Tue Jul 11 17:46:28 MDT 1995

On Tue, 11 Jul 1995, Louis N Proyect wrote:

> Please excuse my ignorance, but I am not sure what 'tercera' means. Could
> you provide some words of wisdom on that this 'tercera' thing is and why
> it's doomed to failure.

	No need to be sarcastic, Proyect...

	I assume you are a fluent speaker of spanish, so I don't think I
need to tell you that 'tercera' means 'third', here used as in 'Third Way'
-- a concept I would assume anyone here would be VERY familiar with -- so
I don't think I need to give you the benefit of my 'wisdom' on it...

	I used it in the spanish as sarcasm against the 'Third Way' types
everywhere, not just those among the Sandinistas, who are constantly
selling their people short against Capital.

> Also, could you please enumerate the most important steps you took as a
> US citizen to stop imperialism's war on Sandinista Nicaragua while the
> FSLN was in power?

	First off, I'm a CANADIAN.

	Second, I did MOST of my work for the *FMLN*, but it JUST SO
HAPPENS that I'm wearing my 'Tools for Peace' T-shirt as I write this --
so this little challenge of yours comes up a bit short...

	And just WHY are you using this tack with me??


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