Socialist Utopia

Robert V. Scheetz ay581 at
Tue Jul 11 19:24:14 MDT 1995

Cox's recent:
     "There must be a way...without hauling in...
abstract utopias.  One criteria, crudely put, might
be that one should never posit a independence
from the concrete...."

Has put me in mind of Brecht's immortal delphic exhortation:

Marx was of course ferociously impatient with headbirths.
As bourgeois liberal reformism demonstrates so clearly
boy can produce these at a mile a minute.

Post-rev social organization will necessarily bear the
character of its concrete historical origin.  As thee
bourgeois state is the entelechy of the form Capital
Corporation, the US Gov being the quintessential instance,
Marx viewed the workers' state being realized in
the articulation of the "Working mens' association," a
union/guild.  Our "utopia", therefore, will likely assume
the shape of some combination of, lets say, the UAW and
The American Society of Engineers.
     That is, as Cox states, should theirs be the
revolutionary agency.  But, should, lets say, a small
group of professional revolutionary politicians (Blanquistes)
take power, than the government will assume the shape of
THE PARTY.  Or should a band of young "militares" with
a caudillo (like Bolivar) at the enlightened
paternalistic military dictatorship.

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