Depressions, mental and economic

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At 8:06 PM 7/11/95, Jim Jaszewski wrote:

>        Gosh, but surely you realize I'm not really discussing the fact of
>the 'actually existing' statistics themselves -- or the competence and
>integrity of (most of) the people who ACTUALLY COLLECT THEM; what I'm
>discussing are the 'statistics' which Joe 6-pack sees regularly on the
>boob tube: 'statistics' which refer ONLY to those 'actively seeking
>employment' but which are CONSTANTLY flogged (in a *conscious* effort to
>confuse him) as the complete number of *ALL* unemployed. The 'statistics'
>which REALLY count...

Reporters are lazy, stupid, and in the pay of the ruling class.

>        There's another statistic I keep running into too: the one that
>sez the REAL rate of unemployment/under-employment is up to TWICE that
>which most people are led to believe by way of their ONLY source of
>'official' information...

Oh probably closer to 1.5 times. Don't forget, though, that about 5% of the
US workforce holds two jobs. Overwork or unemployment - it's the American

>        Then there's the 'statistical' trick of 'adjusting' any of those
>rates to allow for 'seasonal fluctuations'...

This is a perfectly valid thing to do, wiseguy. And your national agency
Statistics Canada developed the prominent technique.



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