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Your post on milk,fur,fire and communalism deserves more time to
digest.  Preliminary notes follow:

ON MILK: Is this all about why not everyone's got the right bacteria in
their gut? What about non"nordics" who inhabit more or less the same
environment, e.g. Eskimos?  What about immigrants to Europe and the USA
who eventually get into the milk diet?  I guess one part of the question
is answerable in terms of how a cultural practice developed as a response
to particular environmental (resource) conditions.  While another part
involves looking into how a group with such a cultural practice shaped
conditions favorable to the continuation (reproduction) of the practice
(where assuring access for a select group entailed deprivation for others).

ON FUR: Again there's a diversity here, I think.  But some hard research
on genes and adaptation would still help.

ON FIRE, TV AND A SPECIE IMPRINT:  Is there anything definitive about
social behavior being imprinted on the human specie's genetic code?  What
about a simpler conjecture on the given-ness of sensory focus on contrasting
objects of perception so that behavior of "primitive" families and
TV "primitives" can be better differentiated; say, staring-into-the-fire
comes after the fire is introduced into the family nest, that is,
incidental to tending the fire (till the 'morrow) while staring-into-the-TV
is standard fare in dealing with boredom (alienation, if you will) in a
highly regulated society; where sensory focus on contrasting objects of
perception is just coincidentally (even structurally, perhaps) common to

ON PRIMITIVE COMMUNALISM AND THE FUTURE:  A worthy but dangerous source of
romanticism yet a source too of historical facticity and demonstrability.
One point here, however, is that the communals were "few and far between"
(forgive the cliche, but it emphasizes the the point) in an environmet
of plenty which changed as the feudals came into being and so on such
that the facticity and demonstrability of an activity, cultural practice  or
belief made dominant under and employed for reproduction of a mode may
just remain a historical given and nothing else.

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