Triangulation & our Prisoner's Dilemma

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Wed Jul 12 02:29:00 MDT 1995

	The original message was from 2 weeks ago.

On Fri, 30 Jun 1995, Chris Burford wrote:

	[Much deleted]

> It is for that reason that I think Scott should hear very critical voices
> about what is negative in his contribution, but he should also hear
> voices trying to accept what is positive in his contribution.

	That was a very nice speech, CB, and I pretty much agree with all
of it. But, look what's just happened to me: A few individuals have been
sniping at me for a while, and I've pretty much been trying to ride it --
until today (I felt that the latest one was beyond the Pale...)

	Don't you think this all pretty much runs contrary to the
reasonable attitude outlined above?? (This is 2 weeks after you wrote that
-- about the same time _WE_ got nasty??)


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