Hilary Wainwright

Jon Beasley-Murray jpb8 at acpub.duke.edu
Wed Jul 12 17:59:33 MDT 1995

I'm looking forward to seeing Louis' review, and looking forward no doubt
to disagreeing with him about it (though I'm not sure what I'd make about
Wainwright herself).

Doug's right (as so often) about the GLC, but it doesn't sound
inconsistent with Louis' brief characterization of the book, in so far as
the GLC always *both* developed community, green, peace groups as much as
it attempted to take on the Thatcher government.  Liverpool's equivalent
council (run by militant and Derek Hatton; also abolished along with
Manchester's GMC and a couple of other metropolitan councils at the same
time as the GLC got axed) was much more straightforwardly left
(completely non-multicultural-oriented, for example, to my knowledge) and
spent a lot more time taking on the government than encouraging
autonomous community developments.

And am I getting confused when I say that Wainwright is Bhaskar's

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