Lenin & Accounting-Autonomy versus heteronomy

Wed Jul 12 20:15:35 MDT 1995

Jerry I do not understand why minimizing the work week would require that
"we either have to assume abundance (a *highly* unrealistic assumption in
the  forseeable future) or a lower standard of living (a possibility
*if*  citizen workers will accept this tradeoff)."  It seems to me that
you are assuming that society requires all the trival work that it now
requires.  What I am specifically against is that for someone to earn
enough income for their family survival is huge.  If there is a "utopian"
assumption in my account it is that modern civil society and the
political atomspehre would willing to provide every citizen with the
basic necesities (housing, food, etc.) for a minimum return to civil

If socialism does not provide at least this, so that we *all* are able to
spend our time as we would wish or desire, then what is the socialist
project in *your* account???

I simply do not believe that the coercive force of minimum wage for 50%
of the citizen is very attractive or ethical in society which can offer
much more then this.

Moreover, what I am sugesting, following many communtrian socialists, is
that civil society duty, or social particpation be minimized.  I am not
saying that people would not be free to choose to work beyond this for
any reason they see fit, or for that matter run their own business or

Therefore, in no way am I assuming abundance, nor do I believe that the
standard of living would fall, but on the contrary in a socialist
community it should rise.

Hans Despain
University of Utah
despain at econ.sbs.utah.edu
hans.despain at m.cc.utah.edu

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