Markets are efficient?

aniello margiotta amargiotta at
Thu Jul 13 10:12:23 MDT 1995

>Matt D. wrote:
>  Something like 50% of new enterprises fold
>> within their first year or two, right?  This is the "anarchy of capitalist
>> production" is it not?
>The failure of small business to compete in most markets is not primarily
>a result of poor decision-making or the "anarchy of capitalist
>production", but is rather the result of the concentration and
>centralization of capital.  That is, most new enterprises (especially small
>enterprises) are not able to compete with larger firms with a higher
>productivity of labor.

Right, and it has, like consequence, profits increase exponentially for few
multinational enterprises which dominate the markets in regime of oligopoly and
condition the political choices of governments with their immense economical
What do you know about the banana war in Somalia between
American Dole and Italian Bananafruit during "Restore hope"( to whom?)
military operation? an italian journalist was killed for it but nobody shall
Free market like guarantee of peace and democracy is the true utopia.

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