Cuba and Socialist Utopia

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Thu Jul 13 10:12:26 MDT 1995

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>If we are to look at the Cuban experience, it would seem that this
>experience is better understood in terms of how revolutionaries can attempt
>to restructure society with an understanding of specific historical
>conditions and circumstances than as a "model" for utopia.
>Nonetheless, there are lessons to be learned from the Cuban revolution
>(as there are lessons to be learned from all revolutionary experiences).
>What do you believe those lessons are?
I apologize for delay in my reply but here the weather is tropical, the mail
to read too much
and the strength for writing replies very little; shortly I thing Cuban
revolution is an irrepeatable experience where Castro maybe doesn't have
build a socialist society like
we hope but surely he has given his people something which doesn't exist in
other latino-american countries : the dignity and the coscience which let
cubanos don't sell
themselves for five dollars.Maybe this dignity and this coscience is more
danger than
revolutionary idea itself because capitalism can win only trampleing the
dignity of fellows and peoples.

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