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	Just a note to add to Murray's "knowledge"...
	I was in Liverpool in 1985 at the height of the Socialist
council's power.  Only 14 of the 49 Labour Councillers were in Militant
but all 49 voted for Militant's program and strategy.  This resulted in
the most democratic, open and successful city council ever seen in
	Approximately 5,000, decent council houses were built (not tower
blocks) as well as new day care and community centers.  Many council jobs
were created.  Rallies of tens of thousands were testament to the popular
support the council had.  The communities were organized together, in
support of the council.  On the streets of Liverpool, including Toxeth,
it was common to see signs saying: "Liverpool:  a Socialist Council".
	As for multiculturalism, I met many working class black people
(including some, like Sam Bond, who were vilified by the Bourgeois press)
who had council jobs.
	Because the council was Socialist, took on Thatcher and was
successful: it became a target for every slander and attack possible
including the right wing of the British Labour party led by Kinnock.
Most of the rest of the left, sat back and watched the council get
disbarred by Thatcher and prominent members of Militant witch-hunted out
of the Labour party.  The results of this are painfully obvious in
today's right-wing British Labour party.
	For more info. read:  Liverpool a City that Dared to Fight by
Peter Taaffe.

			-- Jeff Booth

 On Wed, 12 Jul 1995, Jon Beasley-Murray wrote:

> I'm looking forward to seeing Louis' review, and looking forward no doubt
> to disagreeing with him about it (though I'm not sure what I'd make about
> Wainwright herself).
> Doug's right (as so often) about the GLC, but it doesn't sound
> inconsistent with Louis' brief characterization of the book, in so far as
> the GLC always *both* developed community, green, peace groups as much as
> it attempted to take on the Thatcher government.  Liverpool's equivalent
> council (run by militant and Derek Hatton; also abolished along with
> Manchester's GMC and a couple of other metropolitan councils at the same
> time as the GLC got axed) was much more straightforwardly left
> (completely non-multicultural-oriented, for example, to my knowledge) and
> spent a lot more time taking on the government than encouraging
> autonomous community developments.
> And am I getting confused when I say that Wainwright is Bhaskar's
> wife/partner?
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