Hilary Wainwright: dangerous revisionist

VINCENT M M.Vincent at city.ac.uk
Thu Jul 13 09:23:12 MDT 1995

On Wed, 12 Jul 1995 LeoCasey at aol.com wrote:

> In a message dated 95-07-12 14:46:10 EDT, Louis writes:
> >I'm going to read this worthless book and trash it publicly in this
> >list.
> I'm just back, and downlaoding a number of days of mail. But this really
> deserves immediate comment.
> Why, Louis, since you know in advance this is the worthless book, (ESP,
> perhaps) are you going to read it?
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It helps if you have come across Hilary Wainwright on your travels at
all..I have, and I understand what Louis is saying entirely!!!  Sometimes
it is necessary to read things you know are going to be crap because
others read it - you need to be able to discuss and argue with them..


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