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Thu Jul 13 17:29:49 MDT 1995

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Is it [issues of motivation and ideology] relevant because someone
might want to say that no human  being would ever be motivated to
appropriate something as his or her  exclusive domain, if it weren't
for the pernicious effects of capitalist  ideology?

I have heard such an argument before, or something close to it.
I know marx/engels say that private property began long before
capitalism proper, and I think we can all agree to that as obvious.

So, whatever the "motivation" was at the time, it wasn't formally

But maybe you could name some of the things that you do see as
products purely of bourgeois ideology, and we can chew on one of

BTW I don't think much in terms of "motivation" if you mean that
psychologically.  Also, what people say they want and reasons they
give for wanting it and such are notoriously unreliable, IMO.  That
is one of the reasons I pay attention to observable relations between
actual behavior and other variables such as return rates from
harvesting various resources, risk-avoidance or risk-seeking, infant
mortality rates that accompany various mate choices, actual
consequences of divorce, etc.  I expect people to respond to material
circumstances which impact their physical/social well-being and that
of their families, whether they know it, think of it or verbalize it
in those terms or not.

More later,

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