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Chris Burford cburford at
Fri Jul 14 07:43:44 MDT 1995

Hello again Seamus,

I feel frustrated by the fact that I think I agree
with the spirit and the ideas of your follow up posts
(I met the word "intersubjectivity" once before in my life
and liked it), but
we are still not handshaking (possibly because you have
formed some assumptions about my references to SH Foukes'
theory of the matrix, which is virtually unknown in the US.)

The key passage I do not understand in your original text of 7th July
after removing typos still reads -

>>>What is important in a nut shell is that subjects
do not exist in a social matrix, the social matrix (the already operable
field of social meaning, of signs) the field of the other constitutes or
produces subjects at its intercese.<<<


1) what is an "intercese"

2) I suspect there is at least one
word missing. What does the sentence mean?

Many thanks

Chris Burford, London

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