Markets are efficient?

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>>Right, and it has, like consequence, profits increase exponentially for few
>>condition the political choices of governments with their immense economical
>>    Nello
>Profits increase exponentially?  How does that square with the FRoP tendency
>plus the evidence (Shaikh, etc.) that corporate profits are not doing well
>these past two decades or so?
I have news of increase in last three years for many european and american
actually the moving of capital is so fast that it isn't easy understand who
really controls  which enterprises surely I know profits of italian
corporations have increased in last years with an exponentially rate while
the cost of labor has been
reduced of many points %.

>And on small business failures: my anecdotal impression is that small
>businesses go under because of competition from other small businesses, not
>from giant corporations. If they face the giants at all it's as suppliers,
>customers, banks, etc., not product-line competitors. Is this impression
>Walter Daum
A large different between small business failers and giant corporations is
in the access to bank credits so the bent is the concentration in big
company expecially in strategical sectors because the cost of investiments
are too high  for who cannot have
facilitated credits.

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