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Call for papers-previously posted on PEN-L and ECON-VALUE

Third annual mini-conference on value theory
Boston Park Plaza Hotel March 15-17 1996

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Dear Colleague

We invite you to participate in the third "New Directions
in  Value/Price  Theory" mini-conference at  the  Eastern
Economic  Association annual conference  to  be  held  on
March   15-17   at   the   Park  Plaza   Hotel,   Boston,
Massachusetts   (USA).  The  previous   two   conferences
provided   a  widespread,  gratifying  and  international
response to our appeal, which read:

     "Several researchers throughout the world have  been
     developing  alternatives  to  the  dominant   static
     equilibrium   formalization  of  value   and   price
     relations.  The  alternatives  typically   emphasize
     dynamics  and the conservation of value in exchange,
     reappraising  such  topics  as  'the  transformation
     problem' and the falling rate of profit along  these
     lines.   Explorations  have  yielded  some   broadly
     similar and, we believe, significant results - often
     arrived at independently.

     "Given the results thus far achieved, we believe  it
     is  now  desirable and feasible to (1) gain exposure
     for,   and   dialogue  regarding,  the   alternative
     approaches among a much wider audience; and (2) work
     out  unresolved  issues  and  advance  our  research
     through more intensive debate and collaboration.

     "At  the  EEA  sessions, we welcome the presentation
     and  discussion both of research aiming  to  further
     this  reconstitution  of "quantitative"  value/price
     theory,  and  of  research that can  complement  and
     ground    that    effort   by   exploring    related
     philosophical, methodological or empirical issues."

The  success of the second conference, at which  over  23
papers were presented in 7 sessions, led the participants
to  seek  a  deepening of the discussion. This year,  our
proposal  for conference organisation reflects this  need
to  analyse  the issues which have emerged as  topics  of
debate in the depth they require.

It  is  an  ambitious  but, we feel, worthwhile  proposal
whose  aim is a form of discussion lacking from the world
of  academic  economics: genuinely collective elaboration
of key theoretical issues.

To   facilitate  more  in-depth  dialogue   and   greater
cohesiveness,  submissions are invited to  the  following
five panels:

     1    Abstract labour and value
     2    The value of money
     3    Evaluation of the new approaches to value theory
     4    Open session
     5    Open session

The  smaller number of panels and the inclusion of  three
named  topics  will, we hope, allow for  a  less  crowded
agenda and a clearer focus.

The further measures we are proposing to this end include
significantly earlier deadlines so that material  can  be
circulated  in advance. Named panels will  be  opened  by
invited speakers whose papers are available on FTP or  E-
Mail  (contact  Alan  Freeman for details)  and  will  be
circulated shortly to IWGVT members and others expressing
interest, for prospective participants to respond to.  No
specific invitations have been solicited for the two open
sessions. The following speakers have agreed to open  the
panel for which their paper is intended:

Abstract labour and value:   Massimo   De   Angelis   and
                              Bruce Roberts
Value of money:              Alejandro Ramos
New approaches to value:     David Laibman

Contributions  in all sessions are invited.  Contributors
should  identify  the  panel for  which  their  paper  is

Submissions in the named panels should engage  the  views
and  contributions  of  the invited  speakers,  who  have
provided  initial  lists of references and  material  and
have  agreed  to  complete their papers so  they  can  be
circulated by August 15th to intending respondents.

A  steering  committee  has been established  which  will
referee  conference submissions and  arrange  them  in  a
priority  order.  Its  members are  Riccardo  Bellofiore,
Antonio  Callari, Paul Cooney, Anne Davis, Alan  Freeman,
Andrew Kliman, Fred Moseley, and Mario Robles Baez.

Although  all  papers  and  comments  received  will   be
circulated  (within  our  resources)  and  time  will  be
available  for generous floor discussions,  the  priority
established  by the steering committee will  be  used  to
determine  which  papers are formally  presented  in  the

Criteria  for  the  selection  of  papers  to  the  named
sessions  are their quality and the degree to which  they
engage  the lead speakers and the reference material.  In
the  open sessions the main criteria will be the  quality
of the papers.

In  both  cases  since our aim is a deeper discussion  of
issues  which  have already been aired in  conference  or
published papers, priority will be given to papers  which
develop  or engage existing debates in the public domain,
particularly   those  related  to  the   goals   of   the
International Working Group given earlier.

We should emphasise that the purpose of this selection is
not  to  restrict participation but, on the contrary,  to
ensure  adequate time is available for floor  discussions
and in-depth analysis.

The conference deadlines are as follows:

  August 1st   Finished  papers  by  invited  contributors
               to be submitted to the organisers in word-
               processed form.

  August 15th  Papers   by   invited   speakers   to    be

  September 1  Proposed  submissions: abstracts  for  open
               sessions,   or   proposed   responses   to
               invited  presenters, to  be  sent  to  the
               organisers   and  forwarded  to   steering
               committee members.

  September 15 Contributors    to    be    informed     of

  Jan 15th     Finished   papers   to  be   submitted   to
               organisers in word-processed form.

Thus  we  aim to inform all contributors whether  or  not
their  submission has been accepted by mid-September,  so
that  they  have sufficient notice to be able to  prepare
their papers, if this is contingent on acceptance.

Proposals and papers should be sent or E-Mailed to either
of the conference organisers (above).

The  administration  of  the working  group  is  entirely
voluntary  and  we invite participants to contribute  its
joining  fee  of  $15 or 10 ($ financial instruments  to
Andrew  Kliman,  financial instruments to Alan  Freeman)
which  covers  phone calls, post, and so on.  A  form  is
enclosed.  This also places you on the mailing  list  for
the working group.

Finally, can we draw your attention to a new electronic E-
Mail discussion group which we have set up for the IWGVT.
Documents  of  the  group will shortly be  available  for
retrieval  from this site by E-Mail, and  you  can  leave
documents   for   retrieval  by  other   group   members.
Instructions should hopefully be sent on joining. Contact
Alan Freeman by E-Mail for further information.

Andrew Kliman (New York Institute of Technology)
Alan Freeman (University of Greenwich)

[Note: abstracts now available from Roberts, Ramos, De
Angelis. E-Mail Alan Freeman on 100042.617 at
for copies]

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