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	Criticism is one thing, slander is another.  A cursory glance at
Militant literature, it's weekly paper and its membership will show
the charges of anti-feminism and homophobia to be false.  (I'll be sure
to spread your message around to all the gay Comrades I know and work
	One thing Militant is, is working class.  Whether gay, bi, or straight
you won't find a more working class organization on the Left. And THAT
makes a lot of people uncomfortable, including some so-called leftists.
				-- Jeff Booth

p.s.  What the hell does the second to last sentence in your post mean?

On Thu, 13 Jul 1995, Jon Beasley-Murray wrote:

> I wasn't in Liverpool during the 80s; I was in London, with the Young
> Socialists (since disbanded), who at the time were pretty much dominated by
> militant.
> In my post I wasn't necessarily attacking the Liverpool Labour party, or
> militant.  But neither do I think they were immune to criticism, and not
> merely in terms of their tactics, which were at least to some extent
> counter-productive in the end.
> In my experience, militant were very much anti-feminist and homophobic (I
> was being slipshod when I used the word "multicultural," the more so in
> that it's not really a term in the British political vocabulary as it is
> in the US). One memorable consequence of this was that when the tabloids
> tried to smear Peter Tatchell as a militant member during the Bermondsey
> by-election, it wasn't clear who was more embarrassed, Tatchell or
> militant themselves.  Tatchell, of course, is now probably Britain's most
> prominent campaigner for gay rights.
> Still, Liverpool was (I think) the only place in the UK where the Labour
> vote went up throughout the 80s and the general Thatcherite rout of the
> Left (maybe also Glasgow).  Yet what exactly this says about militant,
> Labour or Merseyside isn't necessarily so clear.
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