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On Thu, 13 Jul 1995, Jeffrey Booth wrote:

> 	Because the council was Socialist, took on Thatcher and was
> successful: it became a target for every slander and attack possible
> including the right wing of the British Labour party led by Kinnock.
> Most of the rest of the left, sat back and watched the council get
> disbarred by Thatcher and prominent members of Militant witch-hunted out
> of the Labour party.  The results of this are painfully obvious in
> today's right-wing British Labour party.

	Ha. Here in Canada, the 'social democrats' (NDP) had their witch
hunts without coming NEAR to the popular level you've had in Britain.

	Here, it was David Lewis (His son, a leader of our 'Gucci
socialist' gentry, was appointed by the american-run Tory PM, Mulroney, to
a UN ambassadorship -- no doubt for distinguishing himself in the service
of capitalism...), in concert with the reactionary (again, U.S.
controlled) union leaders of the country, who sapped what little real
socialism there was in the Party, by expelling what we called the 'Waffle'
movement (don't ask me...)

	Just last month, the (politically) incompetent neo-liberal NDP
government of Ontario GAVE the province away -- WITHOUT a fight -- to an
extreme rightwing Tory Party...

	Just like Labour, the NDP are a bunch of gutless wonders who've
squandered every bit of socialist 'coin' they've snatched from real

	...but of course, it's all the MARXISTS' fault...

	When Labour gets in next election -- we can all expect
'Thatcherism with a human face', naturally, eh??    :<


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