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On Wed, 12 Jul 1995, jwalker wrote:

> I'm just shooting from the hip here, but here's one guess as to how
> discovering something about the origins of PP might hip us to answer
> questions about the justice of property systems.  Suppose it turned out
> that our distant ancestors arrived at a stage of technological
> development at which they actually had some useful stuff -- tools, things
> to make life a bit more comfortable, etc.  It might be that with respect
> to certain material goods, they'd find it useful to make PP claims
> themselves, and to honor them when others made them.

	I think a big part of our problem here is not making a distinction
between PRIVATE property and PERSONAL property.

	Private Property is a SYSTEM of private ownership; Personal
Property is simply the ownership of the tools, etc. that one habitually
uses (and usually one makes themselves) and which is understood by others
as such...


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