Markets are efficient?

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>On Thu, 13 Jul 1995, aniello margiotta wrote:
>> What do you know about the banana war in Somalia between
>> American Dole and Italian Bananafruit during "Restore hope"( to whom?)
>> military operation? an italian journalist was killed for it but nobody shall
>> pay.
>> Free market like guarantee of peace and democracy is the true utopia.
>	We've (of course) heard nothing of this.
>	Why don't you give us the details?? (always love a conspiracy
On the day american army forsook Somalia an italian TV journalists,
travelling in Mogadiscio with an armed convoy of Somaliafruit, an
italian-somal company trading bananas, was killed by a rival groups tied
american company Dole; a survived journalist
denounced the ambush confirmed by a movie of U.S. army. THe killers were
recognized like men tied Dole but they can be tried only if coming in Italy
while the company has been considered no-responsable but now we know like
struggles in Somalia is still
a neo-colonialist economical struggle between challengers multinationals.
Another italian TV journalist was killed in Somalia investigating upon
weapons international traffic under false co-operation with third world
using ships which officially carried alimentary goods.
Dirty news from a dirty world.
I thing is good for the list better understanding the reasons of failure of
revolutionary marxist movments in Africa; some interesting analysises has
been written by Samir Amin.


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