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Sun Jul 16 14:57:47 MDT 1995

>It seems pretty clear (from what I have seen at least) that most of the
>activism on the Bosnia issue has been by non-leftists, either ordinary
>Muslims, religious peaceniks, or those who want to see the globocop kick
>some more tail (since it's white tail this time, this strain has been much
>more muted than say with regard to Iraq). (Before you all get up in arms, I
>know there has also been some activism by the left.)

Some days ago Alex Langer, an italian deputy of european parliamnent, one of
more important left actvists for stopping war in Bosnia, committed suicide
because his
deep frustation for uselesness od his own paecifist policy; I wrote his
suicide is
the symbol and the consequence of suicide of left policy against war like
only option
for conflicts inside capitalism and the war in Bosnia is surely consequence
of defeated
of comunism reason against fascism madness

>For that matter, the Iraqis certainly had no right to occupy Kuwait and
>commit whatever atrocities they did (granted, fewer than the western media
>claimed, but they did happen surely) --
Don't forget Iraq fought a long and bloody war agaist Iran helped by western
countries for stopping iranian foundamentalism. Saddam has been the better
allied of USA in Middle East until 1990; the scandalous of italian BNL bank
of Atlanta let us know how
US government of Reagen sent weapons to Iraq. The haste of a military
in Kwait, which wasn't the best democracy in the world, hides interest to
humble an inconvenient allied not paying how much fixed with him and
controlling directly petroleum of Gulf ( has Bush own business in petroleum?)

 it would seem that the Americans'
>cure was a wee bit worse than the disease, however. The two options that
>seem at all tenable are to have the big boys unleash another orgy of
>firepower, along with the inevitable chest-beating about how the smart bomb
>is making the world safe for democracy, or to sell weapons to the Bosnians

the war in the Gulf needed to give US palm of unique military power in the
About one hundred thousand iraqis killed are quickly forgotten for not
talking of
thousands of childrens dead because the crime " bloqueo" imposed by US

>so that the Balkans will settle down into a running battle for who knows
>how long. Neither one appeals to me, and the first seems definitely
>something to be avoided. What exactly can the left fight for in Bosnia?

Fight against every fascisms for a culture of tollerance; but in this moment
it is
very little while inerm people suffers and dies for nazist ethnic clearing

>That said, I readily agree that the role of Britain in the matter is even
>more objectionable than that of the U.S., which is quite a coup for any

In Bosnia nationalist interests has won upon people interests: this is the
big defeat
of left and civilization  and international diplomacies moved like one
hundred years ago talking of borders and territorial partition.


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