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On Sun, 16 Jul 1995, aniello margiotta wrote:

> Don't forget Iraq fought a long and bloody war agaist Iran helped by western
> countries for stopping iranian foundamentalism. Saddam has been the better
> allied of USA in Middle East until 1990; the scandalous of italian BNL bank
> of Atlanta let us know how
> US government of Reagen sent weapons to Iraq. The haste of a military
> intervention
> in Kwait, which wasn't the best democracy in the world, hides interest to
> humble an inconvenient allied not paying how much fixed with him and
> controlling directly petroleum of Gulf ( has Bush own business in petroleum?)

	It's pretty well known (outside the official capitalist
mass-media) that the entire Bush family is crooked-er than a country
mile...  That not-a-one of the lot is in jail is a testiment to the
near-complete corruption of the U.S. legal system. Bush made all his
money in oil -- that's why he's a 'texan' now.

	General Norman 'Mass-Murderer' Schwartzkopf's father too, was
mixed in deeply with the middle-east oil scene -- off-hand I can't
remember the details, tho'...

	It's 'all in the family' -- la cosa nostra...

> In Bosnia nationalist interests has won upon people interests: this is the
> big defeat
> of left and civilization  and international diplomacies moved like one
> hundred years ago talking of borders and territorial partition.

	As it can be said, the bourgeoisie has 'learned nothing and
forgotten nothing.'

	It's our job to replace them.


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