Computers and socialism

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Mon Jul 17 09:25:08 MDT 1995

>. Yet, it is not utopian to
>suggest that computer technologies will be an essential tool that will be
>needed to build socialist societies.
Some short considerations:
in recent meeting of Athene about reasons of URSS disappearing, the
economical delay
was ascribed in slowness to carry advanced technologies from military field
to industrial field in front of capitalist societies.
In capitalist societies those technologies have changed the production
system and reduced employment in factories while the advanced tertiary
increase but the employeds
live an alienator condition for buiding their own career out from a
conscience of class (the smoky middle class).
The struggle for " work less, work everyone" can help in reducing unemployed
and allowing social aggregation useful for growing cultural level and social
Advanced technologies increase tragically the economical gap between first
and third world.
Computer use is ,now and expecially for new generations, normal and
necessary and it can help, like internet learn, to approch men and cultures.
At last the technology in itself is neuter, it is important who dominates it
and for
which purpose, if the profit or the social welfare;so I am agree that in a
world dominate by socialism, without wars and where everyone has a work for
a short time in a day and many hours for enjoying, computers and generally
the technology can help to get a better life.

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