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On Fri, 30 Jun 1995, Juan Inigo wrote:

[MUCH deleted!!]

> >And who says this is supposed to be the goal of science?
> Since I have pointed out already the historical and formal determinations
> of the ideal reproduction of reality, let me answer this question in its
> literally sense: Marx was the first one to say it.
> In another post, Lisa asked me to treat the question of the forms of
> science through concrete examples. But concrete examples can easily become
> pure abstractions as soon as they are isolated from the explicit
> development of the determinations they are supposed to show in a more
> immediate way.

	(Whew! What an essay! I'm gonna have intellectual heartburn...  :)

	Sure, but I think most people use specific concrete examples as
baselines to gauge the relative 'positioning' of the more abstract general
cases. It's definitely well worth the effort to use concrete cases with
every general point made...

 Only after these determinations have been exposed, their
> concrete forms (and this is what examples are about, albeit presented as if
> they had an external relation with their determinations) can be considered
> by themselves. On this basis I proposed a discussion on _gravitation_.

	Please DO begin such a discussion -- I'm sorry I'm 3 weeks late
with this prompt...

	I'd be especially pleased if, by 'gravitation', you meant General
Relativity!  :>

> I renew my offer, particularly to Lisa, to send via e-mail a copy of my
> "Capital's Development into Conscious Revolutionary Action; Critique of
> Scientific Theory."

	I'm game. Please send me a copy at the below address (not the


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