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Soft-pedal it all you want by calling it a "reduction in force",
"downsizing", whatever.   The fact is, you have heard these words, or will at
some point in the near future unless you take Ownership of your talents and

The workplace is changing faster than ever before in the history of mankind.
 In order to fit in, you, I and everyone who works needs to become an expert
is what we do and find a way to partner with a company so we can both

I've been in your shoes and have Coached a lot of people through the process
of identifying where they fit into the future workplace.  Last fall, I put my
thoughts into a book entitled, The Unchained Worker.

Here is an overview of The Unchained Worker - Principles of Ownership in the
Workplace, and what people are saying about it.

Ownership inspires and motivates us to take action, to protect and improve
what's ours.  We own our talents, experience and capabilities.  When we put
them in partnership with a company, the future is ours to make........

What is Ownership?  It's a new perspective for all of us to use when dealing
with our jobs.  Ownership is a mind-set, an attitude that forces you to look
no further than yourself to secure your future in the workplace.  It's the
catalyst for superior individual performance within companies.  It provides a
common vocabulary for workers to excel as individuals.  Ownership motivates
people to develop their talents and bolster individual performance.  It puts
success in their hands..........

Table of Contents.
1.  Take control of your future with Ownership
2.  Ownership is a vocabulary for success.
3.  Ownership is a problem solving tool.
4.  Ownership exercises your brain.
5.  Adjust your attitude for better performance.
6.  Ownership starts with common sense.
7.  Ownership is the workplace of the future.
8.  Get work done more efficiently with Ownership
9.  How Mis-applied responsibility holds you back.
10. Ownership in Action.
11. The principles that will guide your success.
12. Ownership is an Adventure
13. Ownership unleashes your performance.

The intended audience is everyone who works.  There are 142 pages with plenty
of graphics and illustrations.  It's about a 2 hour read total.

Here's what people are saying about The Unchained Worker:  I've always
believed in the individual's desire to succeed.  Creating the right
environment is the key.  Ownership will work in any organization, Great stuff
- Dennis Erickson, Head Coach Seattle Seahawks.  Inspirational! Fantastic!
What a wonderful book.  It made me think about things I've never considered.
Thanks. - Staci Clevenger, Assembly line worker.

I want to wish you the very best of luck in your careers.
Jeffrey C. Petkevicius

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