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Hey hey, each generation gets its own Eric Hoffer.....<deadpan>

>Soft-pedal it all you want by calling it a "reduction in force",
>"downsizing", whatever.   The fact is, you have heard these words, or will at
>some point in the near future unless you take Ownership of your talents and
>The workplace is changing faster than ever before in the history of mankind.
> In order to fit in, you, I and everyone who works needs to become an expert
>is what we do and find a way to partner with a company so we can both
>I've been in your shoes and have Coached a lot of people through the process
>of identifying where they fit into the future workplace.  Last fall, I put my
>thoughts into a book entitled, The Unchained Worker.
>Here is an overview of The Unchained Worker - Principles of Ownership in the
>Workplace, and what people are saying about it.
>Ownership inspires and motivates us to take action, to protect and improve
>what's ours.  We own our talents, experience and capabilities.  When we put
>them in partnership with a company, the future is ours to make........
>What is Ownership?  It's a new perspective for all of us to use when dealing
>with our jobs.  Ownership is a mind-set, an attitude that forces you to look
>no further than yourself to secure your future in the workplace.  It's the
>catalyst for superior individual performance within companies.  It provides a
>common vocabulary for workers to excel as individuals.  Ownership motivates
>people to develop their talents and bolster individual performance.  It puts
>success in their hands..........
>Table of Contents.
>1.  Take control of your future with Ownership
>2.  Ownership is a vocabulary for success.
>3.  Ownership is a problem solving tool.
>4.  Ownership exercises your brain.
>5.  Adjust your attitude for better performance.
>6.  Ownership starts with common sense.
>7.  Ownership is the workplace of the future.
>8.  Get work done more efficiently with Ownership
>9.  How Mis-applied responsibility holds you back.
>10. Ownership in Action.
>11. The principles that will guide your success.
>12. Ownership is an Adventure
>13. Ownership unleashes your performance.
>The intended audience is everyone who works.  There are 142 pages with plenty
>of graphics and illustrations.  It's about a 2 hour read total.
>Here's what people are saying about The Unchained Worker:  I've always
>believed in the individual's desire to succeed.  Creating the right
>environment is the key.  Ownership will work in any organization, Great stuff
>- Dennis Erickson, Head Coach Seattle Seahawks.  Inspirational! Fantastic!
>What a wonderful book.  It made me think about things I've never considered.
>Thanks. - Staci Clevenger, Assembly line worker.
>I want to wish you the very best of luck in your careers.
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