Cost benefit analysis in organically-linked societies

Mon Jul 17 21:57:37 MDT 1995

Oh, the horror.  Steve Keen, you and I have so entirely misunderstood
each other on this point I hardly know what to say.  But, at least I
provoked you to post.  [long sigh]  So, if I understand you here, you
are saying that foraging societies are more atomistic and less
organic than capitalist societies, right?  At least that's a bit of a
change from the usual "primitive communism" kind of talk.

It's also a contrast to my own view of foraging societies.


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The reason for this belief is that cost-benefit analysis, as
practised, is a fundamentally "atomic" procedure, whereas I believe
that a developed social/production system like capitalism is
fundamentally "organic". Now to explain those two terms:
[snip, snip]

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