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Tue Jul 18 00:54:56 MDT 1995

On Mon, 17 Jul 1995, Lisa Rogers wrote:

> Well, Steve, maybe if there is any genetic change going on among
> humans today, it is the genes of the culture-slaves that are indeed
> being wiped out.  Defective units, it seems, when it comes to
> pursuing their own reproductive interests.  Failures in the game of
> evolution... too gullible for their own good, and kamikaze didn't
> even do their culture much good either.  Social learning mechanisms
> are efficient for an individual to be able to behave according to
> what is up socially, what is hot and what is not, but it makes us
> vulnerable to manipulation.  So one story goes...

	I read some shocking information on how a SIZABLE percentage of
the population of Stockholm, Sweden is single. I forget the percentage,
but it's LARGE. I also just saw on TV that ** 10% ** of the (adult?)
population of Canada is sterilized -- the percentage goes up by age (and
most probably income-level -- though TV Yuppies usually skirt class

	MANY 'smart' people are not reproducing themselves (they'd much
rather watch TV or play with their computers [hmmm...] :) -- and then we
get anti-colored immigrant backlashes...


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