Perfidious Albion

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Tue Jul 18 07:54:02 MDT 1995

	Perfidious Albion

This morning the Guardian in London has the following summary on the
front page:


France's attempt to
persuade the allies to take
military action against the
Bosnian Serbs was on the
verge of collapse last night.
The US hedged its
involvement with
conditions certain to wreck
the plan. Britain savoured
success in its manoeuvring
to block French ambitions."

Inside the key moves in the game
of chess are reported:

"The Foreign Secretary,
Malcolm Rifkind said yesterday
that US helicopter provision
was crucial to any project to
reinforce Gorazde. Assuming
he was apprised of the outcome
of Sunday night's meeting, Mr
Rifkind already knew that the
US helicopter offer was so
hedged with conditions as to be
a non-starter. On Sunday, in
advance of the military chief's
meeting, he did not stress the
need for US helicopters."

Why should any European member of Parliament, bother to
commit suicide? It is all quite normal. In fact rather
elegant. The English, with their intimate and envious
relationship with the French, called the French bluff,
embarrassed the French by asking all sorts of
pragmatic questions, so that the French were in
danger of looking foolish in the passionate pursuit of
"La Gloire", and got things bogged down in technical
detail, of an empiricist nature.

This is not really the "West in disarray". This is
the old imperialist bourgoisies skirmishing for their
own fragments of imperialist interest, while the left
and democratic forces have difficulty campaigning for
a coherent agenda to block fascist tendencies,
uphold human rights, individual and social, and
build a global civil society.

Chris Burford, London

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