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Tue Jul 18 15:34:41 MDT 1995

>On Mon, 17 Jul 1995, Lisa Rogers wrote:
>> Rather than "'mongoloid' peoples" I suggest the terms "Asian",
>> "indigenous Asian" or "of Asian ancestry".
>	I understand the 'problem' with this, and considered it, but Asia
>includes all kinds of people, many of them caucasian, turkic and tamil.
>Using 'asian ancestry' is like using 'developmentally challenged' -- an
>obscuring (and frankly, stupid) euphemism...
>	Maybe you'd prefer 'sinoid'??

I remember you that the term "asiatic" is eurocetric because originally it
was named Asia by  greeks and romans only a little part of ancient Turkey,
like Africa was the name of actual Tunis (Ifriquia) when really Europe is an
appendice of Asiatic continent and there is no reasonable cause, out of a
political one, for considering it an autonomous continent.
European doesn't exist and asiatic does't mean anything of specific.

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