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On Tue, 18 Jul 1995, VINCENT M wrote:

> On Tue, 18 Jul 1995, jones/bhandari wrote:
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> > Would the Chinese social system, grounded of course in a collective
> > morality,  be an anomaly at this point?
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> > Like to keep this thread going.
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> > Rakesh
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> Rakesh,
> I agree with most of your posting and one of the things I think any
> future socialist society must do is guarantee full reproductive control
> and freedom for women without loss of job and full maternity/paternity
> rights.
> However, China is not a good example of anything.  It is not grounded on
> collectivist principles  - workers do not own the land or have control
> over any industry.  They also do not have  control over their bodies......
> I think this is a very important issue for socialists to address.  For
> instance what happens in a socialist world if we have so many people we
> can't feed them all?
> Maxine

It would seem to me that if a society has a rationally planned economy
that is geared toward meeting the needs of all members, then it may be
necessary to rationally plan reproduction as well.  What I am unsure of
is whether problematic population growth would automatically not occur
because people would apply collectivist principles to their own
reproduction and not produce more children than could be cared for, or if
it would be necessary to regulate fertility (as in China).
Unfortunately, the latter would interfere with reproductive freedom.
This makes me wonder, in what other ways would the body be regulated in a
socialist setting?
Jackie Carrigan

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